Don't Let a Small Leak Turn Into a Big Problem

Hire a roof inspection company in Hickory, NC

What's the best way to prevent roof damage? Finding and addressing problems before they get worse. The early signs of a roof leak can be difficult to spot, but you can depend on the experienced crew at our roof inspection company to locate and document any red flags.

Catawba Valley Roofing & Restoration LLC offers free drone roof inspections in Hickory, NC and the surrounding area. Our crew will inspect every part of your roof, including the ventilation system, pipe boots, chimney and skylight. Call 828-962-0617 now to arrange for service.

Depend on us for a thorough roof inspection

When you hire our roof inspection company, our detail-oriented roofer will:

  • Inspect your roof from the ground and with a drone
  • Check for mold and moisture
  • Locate popped nails and damaged singles
  • Check your gutters for shingle granules
  • Document mold and algae growth
You can count on us for a comprehensive drone roof inspection. Once we finish the job, we'll provide photos and videos of your roof for your records.